"Year That Wasn’t" fallout fanfiction Y/Y?

Tell me about things that Ichabod and Abbie only half remember that no one else does.

Deal with the fact that both of them lived a year with just each other… and occasionally in the “real” timeline they reference something from that…

How to make an Avatar fan cry


  1. Iroh
  2. that’s it just bring out Uncle Iroh
  3. literally that is all you have to do
I do not accept goodbye… You and I must remain together if there is any hope of victory. The only risk, Lieutenant, is in leaving you behind.
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Jenny Mills, badass of my heart (2x01)


Jenny Mills is a badass, a survivor and Princess of the Apocalypse.

But she is also a puppy who should be held to your bosom and protected at all costs, and I swear to God I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

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